VIDEO: SJW Woman Loses Her Mind During Traffic Stop After Flipping Off Trump Supporter

A Hillary supporter’s true colors come shining through!

A social justice woman (new category?) filmed herself ranting during a traffic stop after she angered a Donald Trump supporter with her middle finger as she passed in front of his house. 

The man she described as a “big, ugly redneck” was minding his own business in his driveway next to his Trump/Pence signs, as well as a “Hillary for Prison” sign. As she passed the scene on her way to pick up her son from school (social justice mother?), she became so enraged she slowed down to give him the bird. 

What she didn’t expect was that the Trump supporter got in his car and followed her down the road to get pictures of her license plate. According to the woman, he was being “violent” and driving way too close. 

Now she was “scared” and didn’t want the man to know where her son went to school, so she turned around and flagged down a cop. That’s when she began recording her profanity-laced freakout.

“So I gave him the finger, which I’m allowed to do with my First Amendment freedom of speech rights,” she said in her defense. For friends that know her, she added, this was very “mild” coming from her.

“And this motherf***er got in his car and chased me,” she continued. She said she rolled down her window and yelled, “Back off, you f***ing racist.”

After the officer speaks to the man, he comes over and addresses the woman. And boy does his job get tough. Her response to him reminding her that she started something with her “mild” gesture is astonishing. The poor cop gets a lecture in politics and that she is triggered by all things Trump.

It’s a grueling 10 minutes that is one part liberal feminist and fifty parts nutty. She’s not happy that the cop instructed, “You’re letting your emotions take the benefit of you. Just move on.”

Her response as the cop ends the stop: “Men will always have the upper hand on a woman in this country until we elect a woman that shatters the glass ceiling.”

Watch below:

No word on whether or not she made it to school to pick up her son.

She published a follow-up video explaining that she is now receiving death threats and has had to close up her social media pages and turn off comments from a book she’s written that’s for sale at Amazon.

By the end, she gripes that there are probably some good cops out there that will listen to people like her, but it’s “probably a woman cop.” 

H/T The Blaze

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