Video Shows French Muslims Undisturbed By Charlie Hebdo And Supermarket Attacks

Ami Horowitz has released a video in which he asked young Muslim men in Marseilles what they thought of the massacres at the Charlie Hebdo office and the kosher supermarket, and the answers he got belie the conclusion that French Muslims overwhelmingly condemned the attacks. Marseilles has the largest Muslim population in France.

This is what Horowitz found:

One Muslim man said, “They defended their religion. They provoked the Muslim religion. They took care of it.”

Another young Muslim man said, “Already they are saying it’s a terrorist religion. Confusing terrorists and Muslims. I say it’s a government set-up. Somebody important who’s high up with money. To buy weapons, finance travel, to buy lots of things, you need money. It has to be someone high up in the government. It has to be.” Asked whether it was possible the Israeli government was behind the attacks on Charlie Hebdo and the kosher supermaket in Paris, he replied, “It’s possible. Yes, it’s possible. It was probably sponsored by someone in the government.”

Asked whether the Charlie Hebdo people deserve what they got because they insulted the Prophet, a black man answered, “Yes. You cannot play with the religion or the faith of people. There are some people who really love the Prophet; you cannot play.”

One of two Muslims straddling a motorcycle said, “It’s blasphemy. Oh, yes, (the killing) is normal. There is no smoke without fire, as we say in France. They mocked, and they were warned.” Asked whether the Jews were behind the attacks, he responded, “Probably, probably.” Horowitz prodded, “Because they do a lot of manipulation around the world?”  The Muslim man answered, “It’s normal. You know what’s in their books? The Talmud? Us, the non-Jews, we are called the goy. They have the right to kill non-Jews, to “rape” them.”

The black man concluded, “Liberty, egalitarianism and fraternity are not shared values. On freedom of expression, there is a conflict.”