VIDEO: Left-Wing Activist Caught Stuffing Ballot Box In Arizona

“Go f*** yourself, gringo.”

A man wearing a T-shirt of the left-wing activist group Citizens for a Better Arizona was caught on video stuffing hundreds of ballots into a ballot box in a recent Arizona primary. The apparent voter fraud was noticed by A.J. LaFaro, Chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Committee, who was volunteering at the time, and caught on surveillance video.

The incident took place during the Aug 26th primary election early voting period. A man wearing a Citizens for a Better Arizona T-shirt walked into the station with a box of hundreds of ballots and began to stuff them into the ballot box. According to LaFaro, serving as a poll watcher that day, the team processing early ballots via the optical scanning equipment had taken an extended lunch break from 11:30 a.m. to 1p.m., so he “decided to relax and read my Wall Street Journal” in the main foyer. While seated at one of the cubicles overlooking the reception area, he noticed a man walk in right before 1p.m. and start “stuffing the ballot box” while LaFaro “watched in amazement.”

When the activist saw he was being watched, LaFaro says they had the following exchange:

Activist: What’s your problem?

LaFaro: I don’t have a problem.

Activist: Stop watching me. You’re annoying me.

LaFaro ignored the request and continued observing the male.

LaFaro: One of your ballots isn’t sealed.

Activist: It’s none ofyour business. What’s your name?

LaFaro: I’m the Chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Party. What’s yours?

Activist: Go f*** yourself! I don’t have to tell you who I am.

LaFaro says the man finished putting the hundreds of ballots in, then took pictures of a few of them “staged in the slot of the ballot box.” He then “hid behind the ballot box and table as he slipped the unsealed ballot into his brief and left.”

The man walked out for a moment, then returned with what LaFaro thinks was the ballot he sneaked out of the building. The activist then looked at LaFaro and said, “Go f*** yourself, gringo,” before walking out.

LaFaro said he would have followed him into the parking lot but "feared for my life," adding that allowing groups to collect hundreds, “if not thousands,” of ballots and use “ballot parties,” where groups collect voters’ ballots to fill them out en masse, is “inconceivable, unacceptable and should be illegal.”

Citizens for a Better Arizona describes itself as a grassroots movement dedicated to “voter mobilization” and adding a “more civil tone of respect and decency" in solving Arizona’s problems:

Citizens for a Better Arizona (CBA) is an outgrowth of the grassroots movement that led to the historic recall of former President of the Senate Russell Pearce.  Today, CBA, is a predominantly volunteer driven organization of Republicans, Democrats and Independents committed to improving the quality of life of all Arizonans – better schools, better health care, better jobs, better government and a better, more civil tone of respect and decency when it comes to solving Arizona’s problems.

Through educational forums, direct engagement with elected officials and voter education and mobilization CBA provides opportunities for ordinary citizens to have a profound impact on the present and future direction of Arizona.

Video via Arizona Daily Independent