VIDEO: How White Liberals REALLY View Blacks

And how everyday African Americans react...

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz took to ground zero for left-wing hysteria -- Berkeley, California -- to ask white liberals their views on voter ID laws and why they believe identification is difficult for black Americans to obtain. 

After Horowitz interviews a series of students and presumably one academic (either that or he was a much older student), the filmmaker took to the streets of East Harlem to interview everyday blacks about whether they carry ID, whether they find it difficult to obtain, or if they would have a problem presenting that ID before voting in any election. 

During the video, Horowitz also relays to these black interview subjects what white liberals say and think about them. The reactions from members of the black community interviewed for this piece were spot-on.

While we normally refrain from sharing "gotcha"-style videos, Horowitz always does a good job and the interview subjects -- particularly those he interviewed in East Harlem -- are as authentic as they are honest in their response. This video is well worth watching and sharing.