Video: Hillary Supporters Struggle to Name Her Accomplishments

"Being a lawyer - that's super hard to achieve."

Hillary Clinton's legions of followers are loyal to the bone, yet despite their commitment to her presidential campaign, few if any can name the former secretary of state's accomplishments. 

The Florida Republican party released a video of Clinton supporters in which each were asked to name two major accomplishments of their candidate during her many years in politics. While oftentimes "gotcha" videos such as these are edited to showcase only one side of the story, those questioned were actually open about their lack of knowledge when it comes to the former senator. 

Despite being "all in for Hillary," as one supporter put it, most said that they do not know enough about the Democratic frontrunner to list any of her accomplishments. 

"To be honest with you, I’m not too sure," one supporter said. "If I knew I’d tell you."

Another supporter said that the "best thing" Clinton did as secretary of state was "improve women’s rights in the Middle East" and that the "worst thing was Benghazi."

Other Clinton-accomplishments, according to those questioned, include:

"Did not fight Obama."

"Being a lawyer – [that's] super hard to achieve."

"I assume she did a good job." And, "I’ll be pretty honest with you – I didn’t follow her that much."


(h/t: Weekly Standard)