Video: Calais Woman's Gut-Wrenching Testimony of Migrant Invasion

"And they say this is for 'cultural enrichment.'"

It's one thing to read the shocking tales from pundits and the news media about the impact of the Muslim migration on European communities. It's quite another to hear, in her own words, the nightmarish, Kafkaesque experience of an ordinary citizen caught up in what looks to be the beginning of the end of European civilization as we know it.

It's worth watching every second of the 15-minute video above to get a feel for the despair and incomprehension of the unarmed citizens who are at the mercy not only of thousands upon thousands of lawless migrants who have descended upon the city of Calais in France, but of the city's police and authorities themselves who enabled this horror to begin with and are now cowering in fear of its uncontrollable momentum. Then again, once you start listening to this brave but helpless woman, you won't be able to stop.

This is what leftist multiculturalism and willful denial about jihad hath wrought. And it's far from over. Watch and weep.

H/t Tundra Tabloids

Image source Pamela Geller