Video: Americans Don't Know Whom Their Capital is Named After

"I don't really care."

Media analyst Mark Dice did another man-on-the-street random interview the other day, in which he approached various beachgoers in San Diego, California and asked the jaw-droppingly easy question, "Who is our nation's capital named for?"

A couple of people answered "George Washington" correctly, but the rest were stumped, including a man wearing a "I Love DC" t-shirt. One man knew the capital but had no idea whom it was named after. One woman made a blind stab at it: "Lincoln?" Another woman guessed correctly but added that she wasn't sure, and "I don't really care." She doesn't care. "I could Google it," she explained. Great.

An Italian couple on vacation answered confidently and correctly. Dice asked them if they thought Americans on the whole were stupid. "Probably," the man answered.

This disheartening and yet unsurprising ignorance is the result of a Progressive-controlled educational system that has been broken for decades and still in decline, an educational system that sneers at the Pledge of Allegiance and emphasizes identity politics and social justice over actual knowledge. It's the result of pro-American public civic engagement being replaced by #BlackLivesMatter rioting and protests demanding a minimum wage raise. It's the result of culture being supplanted by a dumbed-down pop culture. And it's the result of the self-centered complacency that is always a threat where prosperity and freedom flourish.