Vicente Fox Smashes Empty Trump Pinata: 'He Doesn't Have a Brain'

“Empty, totally empty.”

Former Mexico President Vicente Fox appeared this week on a Spanish talk show to give his favorite target, Donald Trump, his best shot -- with a bat.

Incensed by Trump's insistence on building a wall to stop unfettered illegal Mexican immigration and forcing Mexico to pay for it, Fox regularly makes media appearances to insult and challenge the GOP candidate -- promising, for example, that his country will never pay for a “f*cking” border wall, flipping Trump the bird, and calling him an idiot.

This time, as Mediaite reports, Fox showed up on El Show de Piolín, where he dismissed the infamous warning from a Trump surrogate that if Trump weren't elected there would be a “taco truck on every corner.”

“Los tacos will make America great, not the other guy,” said Fox.

From Mediaite:

Eventually, Fox turned his attention to a piñata of Trump’s head hanging at a nearby tent. Trump piñatas have been all the rage for months among Hispanics who despise Trump, and Fox punched the one in front of him before he was handed a bat to start taking swings.

“Empty, totally empty,” Fox said when the piñata broke. “He doesn’t have a brain.”

Perhaps Fox needs a reminder that he is a former president of a failed, corrupt state overrun by drug cartels, who now has nothing better to do than appear on talk shows whacking pinatas. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is on his way to becoming the next president of the country that everyone in Vicente Fox's country wants to emigrate to.