Vicente Fox: Fidel Castro 'Authoritarian,' Just Like Trump

"They lie, cheat, they are false prophets."

Former president of Mexico Vicente Fox rightfully labeled communist dictator Fidel Castro an "authoritarian," but somehow managed to equate him with President-elect Donald Trump.  

In an interview on Fox Business, the man who once joyfully flipped Donald Trump the bird said that although Mexico has done business with Cuba, he despised the Castro brothers and all they stood for.

Fox said, “Castro was a dictator and a very dangerous and terrible dictator. But Cuban people in Cuba is our brothers. We are great friends. We never came up with the embargo deal. We trade with them, investing in Cuba. Cuba has also very strong relationship with Mexico that is different from Castro brothers. I hope they just go away, and let free the people of Cuba. Cuba is about to be a great Latin America nation as soon as they get rid of the Castros. Nobody needs dictators.

All good so far, and then Fox added this little addendum: 

And by the way, that authoritarian leader is very similar to Trump. They lie, cheat they are false prophets. They promise many things not able to comply.

Host Dagen McDowell objected, saying no comparison should be made between Trump and a "murdering thug who tortured people." Fox would not back down.

No, I don’t take it back, I insist. On his genes, they are similar authoritarians. They impose their wills. They only think that they have the right and the reason. He only won — in the case of Trump with 25 percent of American support — American and citizen support. That it doesn’t give him enough of a mandate to impose his own ideas over a nation and over the world.