Vassar SJP Tweets and Then Deletes Nazi Propaganda

Hating Israel apparently isn't enough for the Students for Justice in Palestine chapter at Vassar College; the group tweeted Nazi propaganda late Sunday evening before eventually deleting the photograph amidst critisism.

The offensive tweet was captured by the blog Mystical Politics, which also found a summary of the anti-Semitic image that the Nazis first directed toward the Netherlands in 1944:

SJP is known for its nation-wide perpetuation of Jew hatred with chants including "from the river to the sea Palestine will be free" and "resistance is justified when people are occupied." At Northeastern University, an SJP leader was photographed in a t-shirt supporting the terrorist group Hezbollah.

Recently, the Vassar College chapter came under fire for its questionable tweets when William Jacobson of Legal Insurrection arrived on campus to deliver a presentation:

In the days after Jacobson's presentation the group took to Tumblr to further express disdain for pro-Israel sentiment and again highlight racial differences. In a post titled "The Case For Israel is Falling Apart," Vassar's SJP claims that they "will make it known that Vassar supports settler colonialism." The group also referred to Jacobson as "a right wing mansplaining pundit" and said that they "refuse to let these outsiders confuse what is truly at stake in these conversations. Vassar College is complicit in colonialism as well as Apartheid. We will not let these calls for ‘civil’ dialogue hinder us from making the aforementioned fact known."