Vandals Paint Confederate Statue Pink, Owner Going to Leave It

It’ll “show up real good” now!

Just off of I-65 in Nashville, Tennessee stands a large statue of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest wielding a sword and revolver atop his horse. It’s surrounded by flags which have included the Virginia battle flag, the Tennessee state flag, and flags of other historically confederate states. The site has been a source of contention between residents and the statue’s owner, Bill Dorris. So far, it has managed to avoid the mass purge of Confederate statues occurring in other southern states.

Here’s a screenshot of the view from the interstate via Google maps:

Dorris put up the statue in 1998 and it has been both an eye-sore and a nod to history depending on the perspective of the person driving past. Near election day 2016, the statue was targeted with a sign on the fence surrounding it that stated, “Trump 2016, Make Amerikkka Great Again.” Forrest was an early leader in the Ku Klux Klan.

This week, vandals struck again; this time with bright pink paint covering most of the statue. Dorris is confident he has footage of the vandals on one of the many surveillance cameras at the site, but it doesn’t appear he’s going to do much about it. In fact, he suggested the bright color has made it even more visible and should bring it more attention.

“Well, enjoy the new paint scheme is the only thing I can tell them,” Dorris said. “They’ve been trying to figure out how to cover it up. I do think they chose a good color.”

It will “show up real good” now, he added.