Vandals Burn American Flags on Elderly Woman's Property, She Now Flies 20 Flags

This is how patriots respond to thugs.

Some people truly exemplify the spirit of American patriotism. 

A 79-year-old woman in Maryville, TN, proudly displayed two American flags in front of her home, but they were set ablaze by vandals. Her son, DeWayne K. Phillips, said he did not know if it was a personal attack or just part of a recent wave of flag-desecrations in the area. 

"Why, why her flag, I don’t understand why, it’s a 79-year-old woman, she wouldn’t hurt a fly," Phillips told local ABC affiliate, WATE

According to the report, Maryville's American Legion Post 13, the local Police Department, and other community members donated 20 flags to the elderly woman -- all of them now flying in front of her home: 

“We got to show that we can’t let that happen around here, or anywhere,” said Charlie Walton, with the American Legion post.

A message Philips wants to get across to whoever is doing this.

“We’re not going to stop; we’ll put up flags every day. If they burn them down every day we’ll put up a new flag every day,” said Phillips.

American Legion Post 13 and another organization plan to build a flag pole in front of the Maryville home very soon. Phillips and his family hope Maryville police can catch whoever is doing this.

There are reportedly an additional six American flags inside the home in case the vandals return. While it is disturbing to live in a day and age in which American flags are routinely desecrated, the town's reaction serves as a potent reminder -- especially on Independence Day -- that patriots can and will prevail over those who hate America.