Van Jones: Sanders Beats Clinton on Civil Rights

Sanders was for civil rights when she was for Goldwater.

Former Obama admin green czar and communist Van Jones has come out saying Bernie Sanders should be speaking up on civil rights to reach African-American voters rather than just focusing on Wall Street.

Appearing on CNN, Jones said it was time for Sanders to branch out if he wants to connect with minority voters in the Democratic primary.

"Sanders does have a great civil rights story to tell," Jones said. "In the sixties he was for civil rights. Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton was for Barry Goldwater. He can talk about other issues, and I think he should, especially when he's talking to an African-American audience. Tell your story about civil rights."

Hillary Clinton has tried to take the civil rights mantle from Sanders claiming that she was a strong civil rights champion. But Jones is correct: while Sanders was marching with Martin Luther King, Clinton was a self-described "Goldwater girl" who later moved from the right to the left as she headed to university.