Van Jones Blames Obamacare Problems on Media, Richard Nixon, Heritage Foundation, and GOP

"...this Romneycare thing that Obama is putting in place came from Richard Nixon, the Heritage Foundation, and the Republicans."

Perhaps the Obamacare apologists are running out of people to blame for the failed Obamacare rollout and the President's "you can keep your insurance, period" lie.

During the panel discussion on Sunday's State of the Union with Candy Crowley, Van Jones blamed the launch issues first on the mainstream media misinformation, then on a long list of usual and not-so-usual suspects, including former President Richard Nixon, the Heritage Foundation, and the tried and trite, Republican Party.

Of course, Jones left one conspicuous name off his increasingly desperate list...

Fellow panelist and CNN Commentator Ross Douthat asked Jones if there will be a moment where the left-wing of the party demands a presidential candidate "who will push not to fix Obamacare which was always a compromise, but for single payer."  That's when Jones launched into his shameless blame gaming:

It's conceivable, but I think we're a long way from there. What it's going to come down to is, does the media get tired of pretending that Obamacare is just a website that didn't work and these cancelation notices? If the media were going to be fair, here's what they would do: For every one story about a cancelation notice, there would be three stories about people benefiting from Obamacare right now. Even with the website broken, every woman across American is benefiting because they can't be discriminated against. Even with the website broken, you have every kid under the age of 26 being benefited. We don't tell stories of successes right now. Maybe we get bored with this. We only talk about the downside. The minute that Democrats get it together to promote the incredible successes --

Douthat interrupted Jones by jokingly asking if he was going to run against Hillary Clinton as champion of single-payer in 2016. Jones replied by cramming more villains into his blame list:

I'm for single-payer. Part of the problem is we gave up on single-payer without a fight. Now it looks like this moderate Romneycare thing is a left-wing plot, when in fact this Romneycare thing that Obama is putting in place came from Richard Nixon, the Heritage Foundation, and the Republicans.