USA Today’s Fear-Mongering Graphic for AR-15 Includes Chainsaw Bayonet

Yes, the SUPER popular chainsaw accessory.

USA Today released a video graphic Wednesday with the obvious intent to spread unnecessary fear about the media's dreaded AR-15 by showing the kinds of accessories that can be attached to the weapon. 

The video begins with an image of what the Texas church shooter’s AR-15-style weapon, a Ruger AR-556, could've been outfitted with. It shows the kinds of modifications possible, such as a red dot sight, larger capacity magazines, grips, and bump stocks — all very common mods many gun owners have themselves. But then USA Today had to raise the fear level ten-fold by showing the ridiculous “chainsaw bayonet” option:


Yes, the chainsaw bayonet. It’s an actual thingseriously — which was lost on most of the people who ruthlessly mocked USA Today on Twitter. Not that they didn’t deserve it; hardly anyone has heard of that attachment. That’s because it’s not really that practical. A chainsaw bayonet essentially allows owners to feel prepared for the coming zombie apocalypse, or like they’re straight out of the video game Gears of War. At this stage of the game, it’s a novelty item to impress friends. No one should be afraid that the next mass shooting will have victims cut up by a chain saw.

The backlash was so bad — and hilarious — that USA Today had to release a clarification:

But that shouldn’t stop anyone from enjoying the mockery that unfolded. And boy, it's a riot! This is what they get for fear-mongering: