USA Today Figures Out Everyone's Sick of Media’s Anti-Trump Obsession

“Enough is enough.”

Most Americans have had it with the media’s obsession with painting everything President Trump does in a negative light. Finally picking up on this reality is USA Today, which found out from Republicans and Democrats around the country that “enough is enough.”

Sixty-eight-year-old Mary Johnson from Louisville, Kentucky, told the writers of the article that she sees a new joke with Trump as the punchline every morning when she turns on the news.

“People are sick and tired of it,” Johnson said. “I think the Russia thing is possibly more interesting to the media than the average voter.”

The writers were told by others that most Americans have moved beyond the Russia story and would like to hear what’s going on with tax reform or anything else but Russia.

Joe Salcido, 67, from Huron County, Michigan, said, “They're not even making an attempt to be fair. They’re flat-out after this guy. The liberal media, they’re starting to lose their grip on reality.” 

Democrat Eileen Sorokas, 70, voted for Obama previously and Trump in the last election. She said, “It’s getting to the point where it’s disgusting. I think it’s a big smokescreen.”

Her opinion of Russia influencing the election? “They didn’t influence me,” she said.

The reporters kept running into similar opinions of Americans. They’re “exhausted,” they “can’t keep up,” and even an Arab-American in Dearborn, Michigan, said, “We have more serious issues to be concerned about.”

The article was surprised that it wasn’t just Republican supporters who have grown tired of the media witch hunt:

But here’s the irony: It’s not just Republican supporters of Trump who are tiring of the jokes, innuendo and articles aimed at the president or the people around him and whether they colluded with Russia. Even some Democrats… are saying enough is enough…

For some people, pretty much all the talk in Washington seems unrelated to their lives. 

But it’s not like USA Today is an innocent player in this game. As Newsbusters pointed out, the paper has added to they hype with headlines about Trump killing Big Bird and criticizing him for condemning hate speech. It’s great they’re waking up, but it’s time to look in the mirror.