UPDATE: NY Taxi Driver Yells 'All Jews Must Die'

After picking up a passenger from the corner of Madison Ave. and East 29th Street in New York City, a taxi driver allegedly violently retracted his services on account of his passenger being Jewish. His reason: “All Jews Must Die.”

When noting the passenger’s Jewishness, the driver allegedly began to rant hatred at Jews, taking an aggressive turn back to the original pickup point. After the passenger quickly exited the cab, he allegedly continued to follow her and harass her, making threatening signals at her with his hands and taking pictures of her.

The terrified passenger, Baila Sebrow, reports:

I was picked up by a cab. As he started driving, he turns around and asks, "are you Jewish?" I responded, "yes."
He started screaming "all Jews must die." He then drove like crazy. I was terrified and began to scream. He then turned around and took me back where he picked me up from. Not to my destination. 
I got out and he started following me, making shooting signals with his fingers and taking pictures of me. He then said, "pay me."
I said, "for what?"
At that point I was in a safe place and called the police. It took a long time. They came. 
This is the astonishing part:
The police were nasty. They claimed it was hersay and told the driver to charge me while I was even waiting for the police! I objected. The officer said if I don't pay, she will arrest me!
If in New York City please be aware: Taxi Med: 6N76
Middle Eastern Driver. His name is MD, A


UPDATE: After investigating the matter further with her lawyer, Sebrow claims to have received an anonymous threat by voicemail on her home phone. The anonymous speaker, whose accent Sebrow identified as British, allegedly threatened her and her loved ones should she pursue the matter further. Sebrow relates,

A threatening voicemail message had been left on my home phone with regards to the issue of the cab driver. The man had a British sounding accent warning me that if I pursue the matter further, the safety of my family and I are at stake. I allowed my attorney to listen to it. Although I should stand strong and go through with a lawsuit, I cannot do so while fearing for my safety and the safety of my loved ones.