University Mandates Students Become Social Justice Warriors

UMass Amherst has upgraded its Marxist brainwashing from subtle indoctrination to forced indoctrination.

At Amherst, gone are the days of incoming freshmen being herded into auditoriums to watch instructional skits about racial diversity and multi-cultural tolerance. Now, Amherst requires their new recruits to become social justice warriors by demanding they embrace "cultural differences" and seek to "create change toward social justice."

Incoming freshman at Amherst are provided with guidelines dictating that they take "diversity classes,"which will undoubtedly carry their leftist point of view. 

Typical of leftists who equate their political viewpoint with reality, the University administrators seem oblivious to their own agenda, denying one at all:

"Diversity-related courses should encourage students to value cultural differences, recognize inequalities and injustices, and integrate that knowledge with critical thinking skills to address societal problems as they might choose, but [is] not based on any particular political or philosophical point of view." a spokesman told Fox News.

Not all of Amherst's faculty agree with such a measure. Daphne Patai, a professor in Brazilian literature, derided the policy as a blatant attempt to regulate thought. 

"This has happened over the past 30 years, with ever more brazen efforts to control not only language, but also attitudes and thoughts," said Patai on Fox News.

To get an idea of just how emotionally damaging this brand of indoctrination is for college students, watch the video below of an SJW student freaking out during a talk given by conservative fighters Milo Yiannopoulos and Christina Hoff Sommers at UMass Amherst just a few weeks ago:



So much for diversity and tolerance.