United Church of Christ: White People are Racist ‘No Matter What

"10 Ways You Can Actively Reject Your White Privilege"

United Church of Christ has reminded us the insanity that prevails when social justice becomes the cause célèbre among Christians.

In an infographic posted on their Facebook page under the title, "10 Ways You Can Actively Reject Your White Privilege," the UCC seeks to educate their white brethren of their intrinsic racism "no matter what" and how they can remedy the evil. Image below:

In a blog post, a racist named Marchaé Grair goes on to explain the infographic as a useful tool for her white congregates to turn the tables on their bigoted nature. 

White privilege.

It’s the phrase bigots hate to hear and progressives love to denounce.

If you are white and clicked on this blog to be congratulated for naming your privilege, you can stop reading in a few characters.

Thank you for naming your privilege.

It’s a good starting point of solidarity with people of color (POC) to name that your privilege exists.

But naming your privilege is not the same thing as taking actions to reject it and dismantle white supremacy.

White allies are quick to remind others that social change couldn’t happen without them, while not focusing much time on rejecting the oppressive systems and behaviors that necessitated the social change in the first place.

Talking about privilege while not doing anything to dismantle white supremacy is like seeing a fire and never calling 911. It just doesn’t do much.

Many white allies focus on calling out overt racism while not focusing on the more subtle ways they may perpetuate the racism they condemn.

But remember, white people - according to the last item on the list, you're still racist no matter what you do. Once you accept this and spend your every waking moment wallowing in your white guilt, race relations in America will be just great!