UN Taps Rabid BDS Supporter to Investigate So-Called Israeli Human Rights Violations

Corrupt. Incestuous. Evil. That is the UN.

As if we needed further proof that the United Nations is a worthless entity headed by the world's most corrupt despots, multiculturalists and anti-Semites, the United Nations Human Rights Council is now seeking a new investigator to head its inquiry into so-called "human rights violations" in the Palestinian territories. We'll give you two guesses who, or rather, what kind of person was tapped for the job.

Meet British professor and rabid anti-Israel activist Penny Green, who openly has called on the U.S. and U.K. to start "bombing Israel for its massacres."

Green currently serves as a professor of law and globalization at Queen Mary University of London and is the UN's first choice for the role, which is to be filled by the end of March.

Thankfully, UN Watch, an organization dedicated to exposing and challenging gross misconduct within the institution, has submitted a report to the UNHRC against the appointment of such a "radical." The Times of Israel reports

The watchdog first spoke out against the position itself, charging that “while the title of the mandate implies that the special rapporteur monitors ‘the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories,’ this is false. In fact, the text of the mandate… makes clear that the rapporteur is charged with investigating only ‘Israel’s violations.'”

Not only does the rapporteur’s mandate not cover Palestinian actions against Israelis, it also ignores rights violations by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas against other Palestinians, the report said.

Meanwhile, a look at the Twitter feed of the top candidate for the post shows her to be vehemently anti-Israel. Green, UN Watch said, “accuses Israel of ‘criminal state practices,’ ‘ethnic cleansing,’ and ‘apartheid.'” She has lamented that the US and UK haven’t yet started “bombing Israel for its massacres,” as they have the Islamic State.

But Green is not just anti-Israel, as UN Watch points out; the professor, who also heads the UN's International State Crime Initiative, "opposes Western counterterrorism and anti-extremism efforts as manifestations of Islamophobia."

In other words and in plain English, Green is on the side of terrorists, not the side of good. 

Sadly it doesn't get much better, as the UN's second choice to head the investigation into so-called Israeli "war crimes" is a leading lobbyist for anti-Israel Arab groups:

Canadian law professor Michael Lynk, “plays a leadership role in numerous Arab lobby groups, including CEPAL, which promotes ‘Annual Israeli Apartheid Week’ events; signs anti-Israel petitions; calls to prosecute Israel for alleged war crimes… and argues that ‘the solution’ to ‘the problem’ must go back to Israel’s very creation in 1948, which he calls ‘the start of ethnic cleansing.’”

UN Watch called on the UNHRC to reject “the grossly partisan applicants,” which, it said, failed to meet the minimal criteria of neutrality.

“By recommending Penny Green to investigate a country that she seeks to bomb and boycott, the UN makes a mockery of its own selection criteria of objectivity and impartiality,” said Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch. 

What is most dangerous about the UN is that it operates under the guise of decency and credibility; thus everyday citizens never think to question its nefarious missions or leadership. The UN is an incestuous, corrupt cesspool that attempts to destroy all that is good and uplift that which is evil.

Perhaps the greatest travesty of all is that if the UN did the work with which it is actually charged, millions of lives around the planet could be saved and vastly improved. Instead, those truly in need are left to perish while the institution focuses its efforts on undermining the good guys.

In thinking about the UN powers that be and the Penny Greens of the world, we could chalk up their worldview to simple derangement, to mental illness. How, we ask, can a seemingly intelligent human being not see what is so sorely obvious: that Israel is the "good guy" in this equation? How, we ask, can such learned people live in an Orwellian reality where black is white and white is black? 

It is well known that high intellects did not stop many Germans from embracing Adolf Hitler's agenda. In fact, many Nazis were highly educated, seemingly rational human beings. As Dennis Prager often points out on his radio program -- intellect without a moral compass is a deadly combination. 

The truth is that to dismiss the Penny Greens as mentally ill is to give them far more credit than they deserve. And to say they are just plain stupid is also not accurate. No, the Penny Greens, along with others of her ilk at the UN, are neither stupid nor mentally ill. They are educated, but lack wisdom. They are smart, but lack a moral compass. And that, simply put, makes them evil.