Ultra-Liberal NYC Mayor: 'Submit To Arrest'

'They will then have every opportunity for due process in our court system.'

One day after New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton caused a stir for saying part of the problems that led to the choke-hold death of Eric Garner was New Yorkers refusing to "submit to arrest," Mayor Bill DeBlasio doubled-down.  "When a police officer comes to the decision that it’s time to arrest someone, that individual is obligated to submit to arrest,” the mayor said.

“What we’re seeing . . . over the last several months [is] a number of individuals just failing to understand that you must submit to an arrest, that you cannot resist it,” Bratton told WNYC radio on Wednesday.  

DeBlasio was asked about the statement Thursday at a press conference announcing his plans for a new anti-gun initiative. 

“They will then have every opportunity for due process in our court system," the liberal leader said. “Once an officer has decided that arrest is necessary, every New Yorker should agree to do what they need to do as a citizen and respect the police officer and follow their guidance. And then there is a thorough due-process system thereafter.”

It's the kind of statement that DeBlasio would assail if it was coming from a more traditional law and order kind of mayor like Rudolph Giuliani. In fact, as the New York Daily News reports, DeBlasio's strong words of support for Braxton comes just days after Giuliani openly criticized the mayor for allowing Al Sharpton to rip the NYPD and admonished him to come out with stronger support for Bratton and to "show some empathy for the police":  

Mayor de Blasio made a “big mistake” when he let the Rev. Al Sharpton rip into the NYPD at a City Hall roundtable, Rudy Giuliani said Friday.

The former mayor, speaking on Geraldo Rivera’s radio show on WABC-AM, said Sharpton’s criticism was “extremely damaging” to Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, who had to share the stage with Sharpton.

“How far can you push the guy?” Giuliani said of Bratton, adding that de Blasio “needs to display some empathy for the police, as well as the community.”