UJA President Honored For Supporting Israel Boycott

She and American Pharoah made the list of the year's most notable Jews.

Today, the left-wing Jewish Daily Forward released their annual Forward 50 list of the year's most notable and newsworthy Jews, and alongside American Pharoah, the Triple Crown-winning horse whose owner is an Egyptian-born Jew, the publication honored Alisa Doctoroff, President of UJA-Federation of New York.

According to the Forward, Doctoroff “found her name in bold letters in an ad campaign threatened by right-wing activists. Her crime? Supporting the New Israel Fund, a liberal organization that funds civil society programs in Israel.”

The publication added that, “Doctoroff became the face of a struggle many liberal Jews in communal and public office have been confronted with this year, as their love for Israel has been put in question,” and that

“[d]espite the organized campaign aimed at Doctoroff, she went on to lead the New York federation despite pressure from pro-Israel groups to take a position against the nuclear deal with Iran. A wave of major federations had taken positions in opposition to the deal, including the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, despite a longstanding practice of federations not taking political stances, particularly on issues that split the Jewish community. New York’s federation stood firm, refusing to fall in line with the potentially divisive actions of its peers.”

Hence, the President of one of the largest American Jewish organizations was commended – and rewarded – for supporting The New Israel Fund, which supports a boycott of Israel, and for not opposing Iran, which Israel’s government says poses a mortal threat to the State of Israel.

Here at TruthRevolt we revealed in February that Doctoroff is a donor to this radical Anti-Israel organization, who noted during a trip to Israel that “one of the most impactful expe­ri­ences” on her trip was a stay with a Palestinian Family, where she and the family’s son talked late into the night, poring over maps and talking about non-violent activism. 

Rock throwing is often described as “non-violent” activism.

Doctoroff’s favorite organization, The New Israel Fund (NIF), hosted a breakfast briefing yesterday with Sikkuy, an Israeli-Arab organization that according to NGO-Monitor is a “signatory to the Haifa Declaration, which calls for the abolishing of the State of Israel, praises 'resistance,' and accuses Israel of manipulating the memory of the Holocaust for political purposes.”

Sikkuy is largely funded by NIF – and the European Union.

As NGO-Monitor notes, Sikkuy “regularly accuses Israel of racism" and presents views based on the Palestinian narrative of victimization, often completely omitting Israeli perspectives and legitimate national security concerns.

Ron Gerlitz of Sikkuy wrote an article titled “Why Palestinian citizens of Israel are no longer safe,” which falsely accuses Israel of “systematic discrimination,” “profound racism”- which he claims is “nothing new”- and alleging that “[r]ight-wing leaders have sent a clear and unmistakable message to Palestinian citizens of Israel: If you don’t shut up you’ll come to a bitter end.”

Sikkuy published a 2009 “Equality Index” which claims there is “fear for the democratic regime” in Israel, and suggests that “morality,” “values,” and “democracy” are not part of Israeli “politics and the political discourse.” Naturally, no mention is made of the less-than-democratic nature of the Arab world.

Sikkuy raises millions through New Israel Fund, whose donors include The Jewish Communal Fund, Temple Israel of White Plains – President Ellen Salant (whose board members including Ken Kanfer & Renana Rosenbloom support the gift), Alisa Doctoroff of UJA-Federation, and the Lopatin Foundation – they support Israel’s enemies with gifts to NIF.

Author Norman Podhoretz wrote in “Why Are Jews Liberal” that “To most American Jews, then, liberalism is not, as has often been said, merely a necessary component of Jewishness: it is the very essence of being a Jew. Nor is it a ‘substitute for religion’: it is a religion in its own right, complete with its own catechism and its own dogmas and, Tertullian-­like, obdurately resistant to facts that undermine its claims and promises.” He adds “where the Torah of contemporary liberalism conflicts with the Torah of Judaism, it is the Torah of liberalism that prevails and the Torah of Judaism that must give way.”

Maybe Doctoroff will be awarded next year for supporting Palestinian non-violent activism.

Ronn Torossian is a PR Executive.