UCLA Students Stand Up To SJP

Fighting back.

Students at University of California at Los Angeles made a bold statement earlier this morning when they gathered in front of the iconic Bruin Bear at the UCLA campus to demonstrate the hypocrisy of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP). With the help of TruthRevolt, students held a mannequin, hanging, with the sign, "I'M A GAY IRANIAN. SJP DOESN'T CARE ABOUT ME." Students quickly took notice.

SJP is a national anti-Semitic student group which falsely advertises that it stands for justice and human rights in Palestine -- and today, they called for the complete boycott of Israel, coincidentally (or not) on the eve of the Jewish New Year. SJP founder Hatem Bazian announced that it would be an "International Day of Action."  Other supporters of groups like SJP have called for an "Intifada", attempting to paint Israel as an apartheid state.

Ironically, SJP has been accusing Israel of the very crime that they have been guilty of for years: discrimination. As the protestors at UCLA so delicately showed this morning, SJP has no problem with discriminating against minorities, including gay people. SJP presents itself as a symbol of peace, freedom and justice in the Middle East, but its purposes are to the destroy the Jewish State of Israel, in fact the only free country that exists in the Middle East today.

The anti-SJP protestors at UCLA led a silent demonstration pointing out the hypocrisy of SJP, but they have in fact made their message loud and clear. 

Pardes Seleh is a junior undergraduate at UCLA where she studies Human Biology and Society. She lives in LA, where she participates actively in extensive community service and perioperative medical research. She is an advocate for truth and justice in the Middle East.