UCLA Muslim Paper Previously Referred to Bin Laden as 'Freedom Fighter'

"When we hear someone refer to the great Mujahid ., Osama bin Laden, as a ‘terrorist,' we should defend our brother and refer to him as a freedom fighter; someone who has forsaken wealth and power to fight in Allah's cause and speak out against oppressors

Al-Talib, the UCLA Muslim Newsmagazine that targeted a UCLA Jewish student for his alleged Islamophobic connections, previously referred to Osama Bin Laden as a "freedom fighter."

The incident occurred in 1999 and was written about at the time by Daniel Pipes of the Middle East Forum:

Such sentiments come as less than a total surprise, for Al-Talib has linked to an Al-Qaeda website,www.qoqaz.net, and is published by the branch of the Muslim Student Association at the University of California at Los Angeles. (Writing in the Middle East QuarterlyJonathan Dowd-Gailey called the MSA a voice "espousing Wahhabism, anti-Americanism, and anti-Semitism, agitating aggressively against U.S. Middle East policy, and expressing solidarity with militant Islamist ideologies.")

(H/T to @UCLATruth)