UC Berkeley Students Demand Staff Take Pay Cut to Fund On-Campus Abortions

Because it's their "right."

A student senate bill currently circulating the University of California in Berkeley demands the school furnish its students with abortion providers on demand and that university administrators will need to take pay cuts to fund the on-campus abortions. 

Because, to the radicals at Berkeley, abortions are "necessary and relevant in student life." What's more, according to these spoiled, self-entitled student "senators," when abortions are not made easy, it violates women's rights and hinders academic progress. Campus Reform reports: 

The University of California in Berkeley (UCB) could provide on-campus access to abortions if a student senate bill successfully sways the administration.

Senate Resolution 69 (SR 69), a bill that would bring abortion providers to campus clinics, passed a final round of voting Wednesday during a weekly student senate meeting.

The bill argues that inaccessibility to abortion is a violation of women’s rights and impedes academic progress. Since, the bill suggests, women make up a majority of the undergraduate student population, it is only just they be provided with any means necessary to eradicate whatever may get in the way of academic success.

“When medication abortion is not available at UHS (University Health Services), students who are seeking an abortion face financial, time, and travel constraint burdens that create negative impacts on academic performance and mental health,” the bill states. “UHS is a health center dedicated to meeting the health needs of students in order for students to be able to upkeep their academic well-being. Abortion is a common health-care service and access to abortion is necessary and relevant in student life.”

The bill employs several statistics to reinforce its logic, including things like: women aged 18-24 account for 44 percent of all abortions in the United States, one in four women will have an abortion by age 30, and women make up 52 percent of UCB’s undergraduate population.

This is depravity on a grand scale and perfectly sums up this disgusting excuse for a generation: not only are students "entitled" to abortion as a "human right," but faculty members must foot the bill out of their own personal funds! 

The abortion debate is one I don't often comment on, because I believe much of the Republican approach to dealing with the problem has been wrong-headed. To my mind, closing down abortion clinics does naught to address the the root cause of this epidemic -- and that is the devolution of society and its core values.

We live in a culture that does not value the family unit at all. And across all of our primary relationships, this sad truth is apparent. Our society does not respect parents and treats caring for them in old age as a burden. The prevailing mindset is that we'd sooner throw mom and dad into a nursing home than ever inconvenience the all-important "me." Our society laughs off grandparents and their wisdom as silly and pits siblings against one another as rivals. It portrays husbands as inept buffoons and wives as nags -- indeed the spouse is painted as the proverbial ball-and-chain. And children, in today's society, are the coup de grace -- the ultimate sacrifice for a self-determined man or woman -- they are what "destroys" people's lives, robbing them of their freedom, their looks, their sex lives, their careers and their fun time. 

Add to this a mindset that the unborn child is not even a "life" at all and combine it with the emotional retardation of self-centered students, and it is no surprise we are where we are. How very sad, indeed.