U. of Missouri Implements Mandatory ‘Diversity and Inclusion Training’

“No justice, no peace. White silence is violence.”

The University of Missouri will implement mandatory “diversity and inclusion training for all faculty, staff, and students” in the wake of accusations of widespread racism on campus, reports College Fix.

The campuswide edict from Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin was prompted partly by an incident on campus Oct. 4 when an intoxicated person shouted “racist accusations” and “the N-word” at a group called the Legion of Black Collegians. Student government president Payton Head reported that he was called a “racial slur” by a man in a passing truck.

Loftin responded to the incident in a written and recorded message:

“Our police and Student Conduct investigators have been aggressive in identifying responsible individuals and disciplining them quickly." He concluded that “what we have been doing on campus to address racism has not been enough.”

The incident sparked protests on campus, in which protestors chanted, “No justice, no peace. White silence is violence” (apparently the students are confused about the meaning of the word "violence"). Some carried signs which read “I am not here to assimilate” (no? So you're not here to become American, just to take advantage of America?) and “Thomas Jefferson is a racist.” ("Is"? Are they aware that Thomas Jefferson is dead? Do they even know who he was or what he accomplished?).

The protests included a Black Lives Matter sit-in in the campus library. Two days afterward, Loftin announced the mandatory diversity training via email. Beginning in January, all incoming students must complete a training program that addresses racism at the university. Without completing it, students are ineligible to enroll in classes.

Faculty diversity and inclusion training will begin immediately, Loftin announced, adding that it will “create awareness of and address conscious and unconscious discrimination toward each other and our students” - discrimination on the part of whites, in other words, since that's what diversity training is about: lecturing and scolding white people, and keeping constant pressure on the white guilt.

Not only that, but the University will hire a vice chancellor for inclusion, diversity and equity - because no university bureaucracy is bloated enough without a vice chancellor whose only function is to initiate programs to make students and faculty feel included.

​Meanwhile, some students at the University of Missouri have called on administrators to remove a statue of founding father Thomas Jefferson, suggesting in a petition and recent protest that the campus sculpture is offensive, oppressive, and celebrates a “racist rapist.”

When do these students have time and energy to study?