TX Official Worried a Bazooka Will Be Used in Next School Shooting

A... bazooka.

The mayor pro tem in Dallas, Texas, is concerned that if something isn’t done about guns now, the next school shooting is going to be carried out with a bazooka.

Yes, a bazooka.

Dwaine Caraway held a press conference this week to tell the National Rifle Association that they should consider moving their annual meeting out of Dallas if they don’t start urging elected officials to ban “assault rifles.” But in the midst of his castigation, Caraway dropped this curiosity, around the 9:14 mark:

"If we don't set the tone now, is a bazooka, and I don't know, but is a bazooka against the law? Can you carry a bazooka? Does a person with a bazooka have to go into a school to shoot up the school and to injure the children?

“We don’t know that I don’t know it personally today, but I would imagine that a bazooka is not against the law. That means that a crazed person doesn’t have to even go into the school. A crazed person can sit here, because it’s legal if we choose not to do something about it, set it on his shoulder and just shoot straight through the window. We must stand up and begin to address it in a very tough way. It sounds crazy, but it’s not against the law.”

While owning a bazooka may be technically legal, it’s not as easy as walking into the rocket launcher store and purchasing one, as Death and Taxes explains:

Yes, under Title II of the National Firearms Act, anyone can purchase a “destructive device” like a grenade or missile launcher — provided they go through endless hoops of bureaucratic red tape in terms of licensing and fees. But who wants to do that? And that’s just the federal law. Many states don’t allow you to own bazookas, period — a complete and total infringement on our Second Amendment rights.

Someone should inform Caraway, who says he’s a “firm believer in the Second Amendment” and has a gun in his car and “every room” of his house, that bazookas aren’t readily available and he can relax.

But Caraway’s idiocy shouldn’t overshadow his real agenda, which is the same across the entire Democratic Party. He said in the press conference that “assault rifles” should be banned because “no one needs an AR-15 to hunt or protect their house.” And also, “.38s as well, who can own them?” he asked. 

See, every time a Democrat says, “We must take action now to stop gun violence,” what they mean is, “We need to take away guns from law-abiding citizens.” Oh, yeah, and their bazookas: