Twitter Wants Much-Hated Quarterback Colin Kaepernick Back in Uniform

"I heard @Kaepernick7 is available."

In the aftermath of quarterback Aaron Rodgers’s broken collarbone suffered at the hands of the Minnesota Vikings Sunday night, the calls are already going out for the Packers to give Colin Kaepernick serious consideration.  Some fans of the league will say this is Kaepernick’s due, while others will no doubt view any recommendations of the currently-unemployed agitating firebrand as purely politically motivated.  

Nevertheless, Twitter is replete with shouts of “Give him a chance.”  It remains to be seen whether Kaepernick would be a draw due to his intensified fame—the bulk of which seems to be more related to his kneeling during the national anthem than to his athletic prowess; or if he is the most hated man in sports, within and outside of the organization, because he sent the NFL spiraling into the worst financial despair in twenty years.

A few of the calls to action:











David Hookstead, of the Daily Caller, writes:

“This should be very entertaining to follow because there is essentially no chance the Packers are signing Kaepernick.  The management for the Packers knows their fans would revolt.  Add in the fact backup quarterback Brett Hundley has been groomed for three years under Rodgers, and I don’t see this happening.  Watching people freakout because Kaepernick isn’t on a roster after another quarterback roster spot opening will be fun as always.”

If the Packers did bring Kaepernick into the fold, it could reign down fire from fans who are already incensed by the NFL’s show of breathtaking disrespect for The Star-Spangled Banner.  Surely any team taking in the exiled quarterback would be seen as a political move, and not a good one, considering the colossal backlash to the ignorant protest he instigated.