Twitter Blows Up With Racism From the Left

“White men are terrorists.”

According to American leftists today, there is no greater racial truth than this: white men are evil. Thusly, Twitter has lit up with the preaching of the Gospel over the last several hours since Sunday night’s mass murder in Las Vegas.  The side of the political aisle purporting to eschew racism responded to news of Stephen Paddock’s European ethnicity like Pavlov’s dog:  upon hearing news of the killer’s race, the watery-mouthed pundits couldn’t wait to tear into white meat.

Huffinton Post blogger Amanda Mancino-Williams posted this stunning message:

Mahroh Jahangiri, editor of Feministing, astonishingly stated:

GQ and Huffington Post’s Charles Clymer (pictured above) declared:

Claude Taylor—formerly employed by the Clinton White House—announced:

And perhaps most incredibly, Shaun King—from many accounts (including those of his family and his birth certificate) a white man who pretends to be black—tweeted:

Whether those on the left suffer from a devastating lack of self-awareness or are corrupted by a truly conniving dishonesty, two things are certain: they are racist; and they are absolutely jaw-dropping hypocrites.