Trust Hillary? Bernie Won't Say

Refuses direct question on matter of trust.

Poll after poll has shown Americans have trouble trusting Hillary Clinton and seeing her as honest and trustworthy. Now you can add another name to that list, Bernie Sanders.

As the New York Post reports, Sanders was at an event alongside the Democratic National Convention when the question of trust came up:

Speaking at a Bloomberg Politics forum Tuesday, Sanders was asked if Clinton could be trusted to enact the left-leaning Democratic platform.

“Sorry, I’m not going to get into the trusted or not. Hillary Clinton, you know, as I just said a moment ago, (you asked me to) characterize somebody in a way I’m not going to. Hillary Clinton is a very, very intelligent person … I’ve known her for 25 years.”  

Sanders and his team fought for a number of changes to the Democratic platform including moving towards universal, government-run healthcare.

While Sanders called for his backers to vote for Hillary, a call that was met with boos early Monday, many remain part of a "Bernie or Bust" movement that sees Clinton as having rigged the system in her favor. The DNC's opening days have been marred by the release of 19,000 internal emails that show party operatives that should have been neutral actively campaigning for Clinton behind the scenes.