Trump's Catholic Outreach

"I’m truly happy to see Catholics celebrate Mother Teresa."

Black Americans aren't the only voting bloc Donald Trump has been trying to win over. As of late, the real-estate mogul's attention has shifted towards acquiring the much-coveted "Catholic vote" through a series of friendly gestures. 

Over the Labor Day weekend, Trump formally addressed the canonization of Mother Teresa – now St. Teresa of Calcutta – calling the beloved figure a "uniquely humble, generous" person that deserves celebration. 

"She represented the best in each of us," Trump said in the 40-second video. "I’m truly happy to see Catholics across the world join together to celebrate Mother Teresa's uniquely humble, generous and pious life."

Since Kennedy, the Catholic vote (unfortunately) has gone towards the Democrats, mostly stemming from a USCCB and American clergy that promotes social justice over defending unborn babies, a position drastically out of line with the teachings of Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict. That trend doesn't seem likely to change this election, with the latest polls showing that 50 percent of Catholics will vote for the pro-abortion/pro-Planned Parenthood Hillary Clinton while only 30 percent have pledged support for Donald Trump. 

For those Catholics that remain undecided or may wish to vote third party, Cardinal Raymond Burke has advised the faithful that every vote counts.

"One also has to be very prudent, and know that by not voting at all you are probably favoring one candidate or another," said the Cardinal. "The moral weight to voting is indeed very heavy. In other words, every vote counts." 

As to whether Catholics voting for Trump would be a morally righteous action – voting for Hillary certainly isn't – ChurchMilitant provides a sobering reality check: 

It would be hard to be more pro-abortion than Clinton, who claims the unborn child has no constitutional rights and taxpayers should fund abortions. She also promised to appoint pro-abortion judges to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Trump, who is no St. Teresa, nevertheless, would impose restrictions on abortion. He also wants to repeal the Johnson amendment, which has prevented tax-exempt organizations, such as churches and educational institutions, from endorsing political candidates since 1954.

Rock the vote, Catholics.