Trump Wins Big in Nevada

GOP presidential contender Donald Trump is gaining momentum in a serious way after claiming his third consecutive win Tuesday night in Nevada. The latest tally shows Trump garnering nearly 46 percent of the state's primary vote with senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz trailing behind with approximately 24 percent and 21 percent, respectively. 

"We love Nevada!" declared Trump is his victory speech. 

"We love Nevada! You're going to be proud of your president and you're going to be even prouder of your country." In terms of the motivating factors behind Trump's victory, Politico reports that media entrance polls reveal the majority -- 57 percent -- of voters are angry with the federal government: 

For the first time in the 2016 primary season, media entrance polls showed that a majority of voters, 57 percent of Nevada caucus-goers, said they were "angry" with the federal government. 

And, as significantly, they want to bring in an outsider to fix it. More than three in five caucus-goers said they favor someone from outside the political establishment rather than a candidate with political experience as president.

It all added up to Trump’s biggest night yet. 

The outcome was bad news for Marco Rubio, who is now 0 for 4 in the February contests, and Ted Cruz, who won the Iowa caucuses but finished a disappointing third in South Carolina on Saturday.

While Rubio did not make an election-night speech, Cruz told supporters that his is the only campaign capable of beating Trump. 

Politico notes, however, that such a feat is growing increasingly difficult, particularly because the real estate mogul has claimed victories across every Republican demographic -- from conservative to moderate, religious to non-religious, educated to those lacking post-graduate degrees. 

Whether one is a supporter of Trump or not, I believe the entrance polls astutely capture the anger Republican voters are feeling. Recall that the same voters gave Congress a sweeping mandate in the last two national elections, yet Republicans in both the House and Senate have squandered it.

While some conservatives are up in arms over Trump's current victories, they must be honest and look to the failings of their elected Republican leaders as part of the very reason for Trump's success.