Trump Rally Ends with 20 Arrested, Cop Car Vandalised

"Build that wall! Build that wall!"

According to authorities, 20 people were arrested after hundreds of protestors blocked an intersection and a cop car was vandalized at a Donald Trump for President rally in Costa Mesa, California.

Police had placed themselves between the anti-Trump crowd and Trump supporters, many of whom began shouting "Build that wall! Build that wall!" at the crowd of demonstrators outside The Pacific Amphitheatre, the Associated Press reported.

USA Today expects the protests to continue as Trump campaigns in California, a "state that is nearly 40% Latino."

The Los Angeles Times describes the crowd as "composed of people in their late teens and early twenties." Some waved Mexican and American flags, while some lobbed rocks at motorists.

After police ordered the crowd to disperse, a group of protestors swarmed a police car, with one person jumping on its roof, smashing the car's back window.

The Orange County Sherri's office said in a tweet there were no major injuries at the event.


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