Trump Moves on DACA, Tripling Obama’s Numbers in Exchange for Wall

Democrats between a wall and a hard place.

On Thursday, President Trump shook Washington with an immigration plan that would include offering a pathway to citizenship to nearly three times the number of Dreamers Obama proposed in exchange for $25 billion to build the wall. The deal also includes putting an end to chain migration, however, DACA recipients could still bring in certain family members, only spouses and young children, but not parents, siblings, cousins, or adult children.

The shockwave of such a deal coursed through both sides of the aisle as well as both supporters and detractors of the president. Breitbart dubbed Trump “Amnesty Don” for seemingly reneging on his tough campaign trail talk, but the entire deal hinges on funding for the border wall. That’s something Democrats will refuse to do lest they upset their entire base. That leaves others on the Right cheering Trump for putting Democrats in an impossible position.

Though President Obama talked big reforms for illegal aliens, his administration could never pull it off. Here, Trump is offering more to Dreamers than was ever promised by their supposed saviors in the Democratic Party while also standing firm on securing the southern border. Trump’s strategy appears to put Democrats in a lose-lose position because any vote against the wall funding is a vote against offering Dreamers a pathway to citizenship. Still, many Trump supporters demand no amnesty at all.

A briefing of the strategy is posted at Border security remains top priority: the wall, more deportations with the efficient removal of illegal crossers, visa overstays, and criminal aliens, plus ending catch-and-release. Trump also proposes the elimination of the visa lottery, which selects immigrants at random instead of considering what merit they will bring to the United States.