Trump: Cruz is a Total Liar

"I don’t even know where he gets this."

Presidential candidate and Republican front-runner Donald Trump called his opponent Senator Ted Cruz a "total liar" on a Sunday morning talk show.

“Look, Ted Cruz is a total liar,” Trump said on ABC’s This Week, responding to an ad accusing the billionaire businessman of supporting ObamaCare. “I am so against ObamaCare. I’ve been saying it for two years in speeches, I’m going to repeal and replace ObamaCare. I don’t even know where he gets this.”

“But he’s a liar,” he said. “He didn’t even put down on his financial disclosure forms that he borrowed money from banks at low interest loans, lower than you could get, lower than anybody could get.”

“I mean, look, Ted is a liar,” he added. “That’s why nobody likes him. This is why he doesn’t have one endorsement from one senator, not one. He works with these senators, he doesn’t have one endorsement.”