Trump, Clinton Tied in Two Polls

Third party candidates making a difference.

Before his trip to Mexico and his big speech on immigration on Thursday can even be counted, Donald Trump has once again closed the gap with Hillary Clinton in two national polls. Rasmussen and Fox News, which conducts its polls using Republican and Democratic pollsters, find that in a four-way race, Trump and Clinton are tied.

Many national polls offer voters only the choice of the Democrat or Republican candidate, but with third-party candidates gaining traction this year, that may not present an accurate picture.

The latest weekly Rasmussen Reports White House Watch shows Trump with 40% support to Clinton’s 39% among Likely U.S. Voters, after Clinton led 42% to 38% a week ago. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson now earns seven percent (7%) of the vote, down from nine percent (9%) the previous two weeks, while Green Party candidate Jill Stein picks up three percent (3%) support. Three percent (3%) like some other candidate, and seven percent (7%) are undecided.  

The Fox News poll found fairly similar numbers.

The poll finds Clinton garners 41 percent to Trump’s 39 percent, while Libertarian Gary Johnson receives 9 percent, and Green Party candidate Jill Stein gets 4 percent.

The third-party candidates take more from Clinton than Trump, as she holds a six-point lead in the two-way matchup: 48-42 percent. That’s at the edge of the poll’s margin of error.  

That six-point lead for Clinton in Fox's two-way matchup is down from a 10-point lead in early August just after the Democratic convention.

Both polls were conducted this week ahead of Trump's speech.