Trump Admin to Block Cities from Providing Sanctuary for Illegal Aliens

Otherwise known as following the law.

There have been many cases lately of local jurisdictions skirting federal law and providing sanctuary to illegal aliens. The Trump administration is seeking to stop this and is doing so through the fiscal 2018 budget.

If passed by Congress, the Justice Department, led by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, won’t be cut from communications by local governments seeking to exploit loopholes that protect unlawful immigrants. For instance, local law enforcement would be required to detain inmates 48 hours longer before releasing them to give federal immigration agents enough time to properly check their statuses. In addition, the proposal would reverse local bans on inquiries about a person’s nationality or legal status. Non-compliance would result in withholding federal grants from the Justice Department and Homeland Security.

“This is primarily an effort to clarify the administration’s intentions and one of the tools they would like to use to address the sanctuary problem,” said the Center of Immigration Studies’ Jessica Vaughan. “It also head off some legal challenges that are inevitable as they proceed in trying to withhold certain federal grants over the definition of what is a sanctuary.”

The budget proposal applies specifically to law enforcement agencies, not schools or social workers, Vaughan added.

Up to now, local police departments have been banning its officers from getting specific information about a suspect’s immigration status and then releasing potential law breakers back on the streets before federal immigration has a chance to look over their files.

One opponent of the budget is San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera who represents a sanctuary city. He complains the proposal is unconstitutional.

“Once again, this administration has demonstrated why they can’t be trusted,” Herrera said. “They are trying to sneak major changes in the law through the back door because they cannot get them through the front. These proposed changes would fly in the face of the Constitution.”

Others feel the order mandates turning local jurisdictions into “holding pens for Trump’s deportation force,” like America’s Voice Education Fund said in a statement.

But the amended law wouldn’t have to be there if cities did what they were supposed to do in the first place and follow the law of the land which requires immigrants come to the country legally and be deported if they break the law. Simple.

H/T Washington Times

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via / CC BY-SA