Trans Activist: Straight Men Must Learn to be Attracted to Transgenders

"There is no logic here. Only madness and deviancy."

Transgender activists have pushed the goalposts beyond forcing women's bathrooms across the nation to allow in anyone who "identifies" as female. They now are demanding that straight men get over their "transphobic" impulses and have sexual relations with transgender "women."

Over the weekend, trans activist Zinnia Jones tweeted out the following stupidity, inducing face-palms in every home across the United States where a modicum of sanity remains. Try to follow this reasoning:







Matt Walsh of The Blaze would later go on to excoriate the irrationality of these tweets, pointing out the hypocrisy of demanding that straight men change their sexual preferences, but not gay men. 

This is far from the first time I've encountered this idea. You can expect to hear this kind of thing more and more. It's not enough to simply let "trans" people into the bathrooms of their choice -- you must have sexual relationships with them, too. It is transphobic for a straight man to be a straight man. A straight man must learn how to be attracted to cross dressing homosexuals, or else he is a bigot. In fact, his lack of sexual experience with other biological men is itself a hate crime. Perhaps we should be putting these heterosexual men in prison?

Oh, but please don't think this logic will be applied fairly across the board. After all, you might say, if a straight man must "work through" his aversion to other men, shouldn't a gay man "work through" his aversion to women? That would be logically consistent, wouldn't it? Yes, it would, but there is no logic here. Only madness and deviancy.