Touré On The Unique Character Assassination Of The Empowered Hillary Clinton

There's a first time for everything! But, um, this isn't it.

On MSNBC's The Cycle on Friday, co-host Touré made an amazing and already thoroughly debunked claim: that only Hillary Clinton has ever had to deal with a question about age when running, or potentially running, for higher office. The reason? Because "you'd never say that about a man."

Never? John McCain would beg to differ. So would Ronald Reagan. And Ross Perot. And Jesse Helms. And Robert Byrd. And Daniel Inoue. Well, you get the picture. 

The age question has come up before. It will come up again. Even about men. For example, one wonders if Touré was having a senior moment, because he seemed to have forgotten about every single campaign that ever took place in politics before this year. Is that a sign of getting old?

Seriously, is it? Asking for a friend.