Topless Feminist Activist Tries to Steal Baby Jesus from Nativity Scene

Screams, “God is woman.”

A feminist activist with the Ukrainian group FEMEN ran up to the Nativity scene at the Vatican and tried to steal the baby Jesus. In an attempt to make her protest more click-baity, the woman did the bad deed topless — because true feminism is about exploiting the female body.

The woman was identified as Alisa Vinogradova. She had a phrase written on her bare back that read, “God is woman.” She screamed the phrase over and over as she attempted to run off with the statue. 

FEMEN responded to Vinogradova’s arrest made just hours before Pope Francis delivered his Christmas sermon:

"A child is not from a god, but from a woman. For a woman is God.”

Watch the footage above, if you can stomach it.