Top 4 Highest-Paid Musicians All Black, But America is Racist

They’re some of the loudest voices screaming inequality and oppression.

Forbes has released its list of “The World’s Highest-Paid Musicians of 2017” and the results can’t be right because we’re always told that the U.S. is steeped in systemic racism.

If the nation is run by racist leaders who were elected by racist Americans, then how in the world are the top-four richest musicians on the planet all black?

  1. P. Diddy — $130 million
  2. Beyonce — $105 million
  3. Drake — $94 million
  4. The Weeknd — $92 million

This list of Democrats are some of the loudest voices who scream inequality and oppression while enjoying luxuries most white people can only dream of. 

Here’s the thing: conservatives don’t begrudge anyone having what most on the Left consider obscene wealth. Have at it. The more, the merrier. And thank God we live in a country where people can climb their way to the top no matter their skin color. We’re just sick and tired of average Americans getting slammed as racists when a lot of our hard-earned money is going to these rich celebrities for entertainment. Some of these “racist” Americans helped secure the financial futures of these pampered stars. A “thank you” would be nice.