Tom Brokaw: Fox News ‘On a Jihad

“We’re at war here.”

Tom Brokaw has been peddling fake news for so long, he’s a little fuzzy on facts. Case in point: forgetting what “jihad” means live on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

Perhaps Brokaw was up too early and his head wasn’t clear because he criticized Fox News, saying the network is “on a jihad right now” against Hillary Clinton and U.S. institutions.

“Fox News, after Shephard Smith in the late afternoon, is on a jihad right now,” Brokaw said. Here, he is referring to Fox’s reporting on Clinton’s involvement with the sale of uranium to Russia while secretary of state.

The veteran newsman said Shep Smith is the only one on Fox who doesn’t believe Clinton was involved in such a scandal. After Smith's show, Brokaw said it’s all downhill:

“From then on, the whole assault is on the institutions. I mean, Newt Gingrich looking into the camera and saying the FBI is a corrupt organization… Three months earlier he said Bob Mueller is one of the great distinguished public servants that we have.”

“So, we’re at war here and it’s going to be sorted out in the final analysis,” Brokaw said.

Brokaw is also upset that President Trump watches Fox News, and specifically Fox & Friends: “He watches Fox News because it reinforces what he believes.”

You think Brokaw works at NBC News for the same reasons?


This horrific misdefining of jihad made Brokaw a top-trend Thursday on Twitter:



And this isn't the first time Brokaw has attributed jihad to the GOP:



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