Tim Kaine Just Realized He’s in Over His Head with Hillary

Kaine krumbles every time he’s asked this question.

It seems as though Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine has finally realized what he’s gotten himself into by having to come to the defense of his running mate Hillary Clinton.

Kaine crumbled, as Newsbusters pointed out, on the TODAY show this week when Savannah Guthrie “actually grilled him” on Clinton’s lies that were perpetrated for years about her personal e-mail usage while secretary of state.

During Guthrie’s momentary act of journalism (2:09 mark), she said:

“This is something that dogs Hillary Clinton, whether or not people trust her. If you look at what she said over the past year or so about her e-mail, I can count at least four statements that just turned out not to be true. Has she earned that mistrust?”

Like on other occasions when this question rears its ugly head, Kaine deflected but the look on his face (and his wife’s) said it all:

“Savannah, if you ask somebody a question 150 times or 200 times, you're going to be able to find that they don't use exactly the same word every time, and there's going to be variations and then people are going to play on those, but…”

Guthrie interrupted, reminding him that Clinton, in fact, used the exact same language at each and every lie (bravo, Guthrie):

“Well, here's what I've heard her say. I've heard her say, ‘I made a mistake and I've learned something from it, and I wouldn't do it again and I apologize.’” 

Thankfully, Guthrie continued doing her job and insisted that while Clinton may have admitted to mistakes using a private e-mail server for public business, “She hasn't acknowledged a mistake with regard to what she has told the American people.”

Kaine sounded like a broken record:

“The bottom line is this, you know, this is an area where she says, ‘I made a mistake and I've learned from it and I've improved and I'm going to do differently.’”

It must be tough to face the reality of being Clinton’s VP pick, knowing you’re going to have to apologize constantly for her scandalous past. Maybe even tougher than an NBC anchor grilling a Democrat.

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