Thug Exposed in Project Veritas Videos a HuffPo Contributor Who Covers... Voter Fraud!

The hypocrisy of the Left.

Scott Foval, one of the lackeys -- I mean Democratic "operatives" -- who exposed himself in Project Veritas' videos for instigating violence at Trump rallies and facilitating voter fraud, is also a contributor to the Huffington Post

That he is a contributor to the left-wing propaganda outlet is not surprising; what is, however, is that during the 2008 election he covered... wait for it... "voter suppression"!

The blog TundraTabloids uncovered Foval's HuffPo contributor profile:

Such gall that in 2008 Foval penned an article expressing concern that the John McCain campaign could benefit from "voter fraud" and the following year published a piece urging Americans to embrace "truth, justice and fairness." 

There is truly no depth to the depravity and hypocrisy of the Left.