Third UCLA Donor Pledges to Pull Funds Over BDS

Snowball effect.

Entrepreneur and political leader Gary Aminoff donates to the UCLA Foundation every year. He is proud to call himself an alumnus of the university. Aminoff, however, was outraged to have received notice of the student council at UCLA passing a boycott, divestment, and sanctions resolution against Israel by an 8-2 margin. BDS, the political agenda of Students for Justice in Palestine, is geared towards the destruction of Israel’s economy.

Within 24 hours of the university’s student government vote on the resolution, Aminoff released a letter to the university stating his utter disapproval of last night’s outcome and threatening to withhold all future contributions to the university should the Regents support it. He promises to urge his peers to do the same.

Dear Ben,

I have read the abominable Resolution passed by the USAC relating to divestment from American-based companies doing business with Israel.  These misguided and misinformed students seem to not care how many jobs held by Americans they will cause to be lost if the University of California accepts the resolution.

I am a lifetime member of the UCLA Alumni Association, and an alumnus of the Anderson School of Management. I donate to the UCLA Foundation every year. Please inform the University administration and the Regents, that if the University accepts and approves the Resolution, not only will I cease to contribute to UCLA, but I will urge my UCLA fraternity brothers and fellow alumni to do the same.  I was once proud to state that I was an alumnus of UCLA.  It is sad what has happened to this great institution.

The premise of the Resolution is based on inaccurate information, and would be outrageous if it were adopted by the University.  It seems to me that this Resolution really has nothing to do with "human rights" but is rather motivated by the political agenda of those who oppose the existence of the State of Israel.

I think there will be significant adverse consequences to the University should they support this Resolution.


Gary Aminoff