TheDC: Anti-Fox News Ed Schultz Begged for Job at Fox in 2008

MSNBC host Ed Schultz regularly looks for opportunities on his show to blast Fox News and its president Roger Ailes, but, according to a letter obtained by the Daily Caller, before he’d landed his big gig at MSNBC, Schultz appears to have coveted a spot on the consistently top-rated cable news network.

TheDC's Betsy Rothstein reports:

“Ed Schultz would like to bring his considerable talents to FOX News Channel preferably in Washington,” [Schultz’ representative] Michael Queen wrote Ailes on April 22, 2008. “He would be great in Washington and great on Fox News Channel.”

The letter, obtained exclusively by this reporter, concluded, “Some network is sure to sign this former All American quarterback either as a commentator or show host, why not FOX?”

MSNBC had no comment on the matter. When reached by email, Diana Rocco, director of media relations, wanted more details: “Thanks for reaching out.  Could you please let me know a little bit more about what you are writing and the angle for your piece?”

After she received more information, she went silent.

Here’s a shot of the letter to Ailes from Queen (who, TheDC explains, wrote under the pseudonym "Michael Anderson" due to being an engineer for the NBC News Washington bureau):


Rothstein provides some of the back story on the troubled relationship between Schultz and Queen:

In 2008, Queen and Schultz allegedly entered a partnership to get the behemoth broadcaster his own TV show. Queen claims Schultz emailed him that “Any TV deal will obviously involve you.”

Besides Fox, Queen hawked Schultz to CNN, NBC and MSNBC president Phil Griffin.

Griffin demurred but then approached Schultz directly and signed him. The “Ed Show” launched on April 1, 2009.

All Queen got in return from the friend of the working man was the $11,500 he paid out of pocket to tape a pilot.

In 2011, Queen filed a federal lawsuit against Schultz for reneging on his promise to pay him 25 percent of whatever he got for a TV show.

After Queen’s allegations were dismissed by a judge in 2012, an appeals court reversed the decision to allow the suit to proceed. Meanwhile, Schultz’s lawyer Jeffrey Landa says he had no prior knowledge about Queen’s pitch to Ailes and that Schultz did not see the letter until after the lawsuit was filed.

Queen and his lawyer did not respond to requests for comment. An email sent to a 2008 address for Schultz contained in court filings was not returned.