Thanks For Killing The Planet, Boomers

Salon Climate Change Scare Piece Uses Everything But Facts

According to an article posted Monday on Salon called "Thanks For Killing The Planet Boomers" Tim Donovan is angry at baby boomers, the government and the mainstream media---all because they have ignored climate change.

According to Donovan, "the strongest hurricane in modern history devastated the Philippines last month, killing tens of thousands and displacing hundreds of thousands more," but nobody noticed. Perhaps Mr. Donovan didn't notice that Haiyan wasn't actually the strongest typhoon ever, it was the 58th strongest Super Typhoon since 1950. The strongest hurricane title still belongs to Hurricane Camille, which struck land 34 years ago.

But facts don't stop Donovan from lashing out:

Unfortunately, the world as we know it is ending, and no one can reasonably hope to avoid the constellation of catastrophic, ecological and social disasters that are all but certain to manifest, exacerbating one another’s horrific, deadly consequences. And yet our politicians can’t be bothered to care, a substantial portion of Americans aren’t convinced that it’s even happening (despite overwhelming, unimpeachable evidence to the contrary), and the enormity of the issue is downplayed basically everywhere outside the bounds of the largely-ghettoized “environmental/green reporting,” uniformly marginalized and dismissed by the mainstream press.

Perhaps the reason climate change has been "uniformly marginalized and dismissed" is the new report proving that extreme weather events aren't increasing.

When an increasing share of our national wealth is held by an aging demographic minority, our national politics are only more likely to tilt away from confronting the “inconvenient truth” of our world’s imminent (yet slow moving) destruction. While the AARP spends over $100 million on D.C. lobbyists every year protecting sacred cows like Social Security and Medicare, no comparable institution exists to lobby on behalf of Mmillennials and “Gen Z,” the demographic groups that will face global warming’s worst consequences. We’ve been consigned to the sidelines, turned into spectators of the greatest disaster movie ever made. So go ahead: Grab a bag of popcorn and take a seat. The show has just begun.
Actually, the show ended about 16 years ago, because according to the UN's IPCC that was the last time the earth showed any evidence of warming, or perhaps the show ended because of the reports that the polar ice caps are rapidly expanding.