Texas State University Student Freaks When He Encounters Pro-Life Demonstration

Nothing says 'I'm tolerant and reasonable' more than kicking over a display stand and shrieking profanities.

Texas State University is proud of its diversity. According to its website:

Our students come from around the globe, and our student body is diverse. Fifty percent of Texas State students are ethnic minorities. Texas State ranks 14th in the nation for total bachelor’s degrees awarded to Hispanic students. 

But what about intellectual diversity? Isn't it harder to have people who think differently all in one place than to have different ethnicities of people who think monolithically? The reason I ask is that it seems like the "ideological diversity" must be a bit thin on campus, judging from a viral video of a TSU student who encountered a pro-life display.  

The Tab transcribed the interaction between a furious student and a white haired, pro-life man. [Language alert]

The student says: “Get the fuck out of here with this bullshit.”

The older man responds: “We have the right to be here.”

He shouts: “No you don’t! This is fucking bullshit! Get this shit out of here! Fuck! This is bullshit!”

The anti-abortion protester says: “It doesn’t matter, this is freedom of speech!”

And he responds: “No it’s not man! It’s wrong!”

The person who filmed the encounter is a self-described "progressive" Emma Brockway.  “I was walking through the quad and was annoyed to see the anti-choice people again. I’m a junior at Texas State and they constantly come on campus. I am pro-choice. There weren’t a ton of people near the Stallions while this was happening – normally there are more people," she told The Tab. “I was shocked, but I have to admit I admire him in some ways because I think he did what we were all wanting to do. I am a supporter of free speech, but again, I think everyone was secretly wanting to do what he did. People around me were shocked. After I saw the incident, I immediately began organizing a peaceful counter protest. It’s important that the pro-choice side has a presence at the Stallions as well.”

I think the students' lack of "tolerance" for the pro-life display speaks volumes about what they're all about: destruction, bullying, and intimidation. Watch the video below. (Warning: it's full of bad language).