Texas Most Wanted List Filled with 'White' Fugitives Who Aren't White At All

The George Zimmerman Effect?

The 10 most wanted fugitives in Texas are nearly all male, save one, and every one of them is listed as white. Except, they're not.

At first glance, it appears that only one fugitive is actually white and the rest are Hispanic. This must be the George Zimmerman Effect, after the media's initially labeling of him as the "white" shooter of Trayvon Martin, only to later change it to "white Hispanic."

But these obviously non-white Hispanic fugitives are a rowdy, disgusting bunch wanted for offenses including murder, child rape, child pornography, drugs, and burglary. Three of the "white males" have gang affiliations with groups like the Latin Kings, Barrio Azteca, and the Texas Syndicate. Some of their names include Raul Ambrosio Jimenez, Jr., Jose Fernando Bustos-Diaz, Jaime Gonzalez, and Eusebio DeLeon. The only "white female" on the list is named Iris Iliana Rodriguez, wanted for indecency with a child by sexual contact.

Tommy Dale Sells, Jr. is the only one that the description "white male" seems to fit. He is also the "Featured Fugitive," wanted for aggravated sexual assault of a child under 14 and indecency with child by contact.

There's no question that these 10 criminal thugs all need to be found and put away for a long time. However, wouldn't an actual description of the perpetrator's ethnicity help with the search?

Yet logic and honesty about race escape our politically correct culture.

Click here to see all the mugshots.

H/T The Washington Times