Temple Univ. Handing Over Investigation Of Assault Of Jewish Student To DA

In a lengthy question and answer style press release, Temple University announced that the investigation into the assault of Jewish student Daniel Vessal will be turned over to the District Attorney's office "which will assess the information and charge the case appropriately." The school also stated that it will not release details of the investigation “in order to prevent bias in the judicial process.”

In response to the question as to why the attacker, who was identified to TruthRevolt exclusively as Abdul Aziz R. Jalil, was not arrested, Temple said the “Temple police did not witness the event” and that responding officers "stopped and identified the accused student, and other witnesses were identified."

"Based on preliminary facts, a felony did not appear to have occurred, so the officers did not have the grounds to make an arrest,” the release continued. “The Temple police then conducted a full investigation. The ultimate determination of charges will be made by the District Attorney.”

The university also asserted that no action will be taken against the anti-Israel group Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) until the investigation is complete but that "[l]ike individuals, student organizations can be subject to sanctions if it's determined they have violated the Student Conduct Code."

Last week, fifteen groups joined together to urge Temple University to monitor SJP, which as a national organization has a pattern of bigotry and harassment.